Ju-Ju-Be B.F.F Legacy Queen of the Nile Diaper Bag Review

Every mommy deserves a functional diaper backpack that has a flare of style and elegance. Being a mommy does not trickle down to looking shabby in diaper bags, you know? The Ju-Ju-Be B.F.F Legacy Queen of the Nile diaper bag is clearly designed for the modern day woman. It has a combination of features that promote organization and sanity which is usually a breeze of fresh air for any mommy out there.




Easy to clean
Modern design
Backpack design leaves the hands free
High-quality materials used



May break at the seams hence advisable not to over-stuff it


1. Versatility

Comfort is key for any accessory that comes with babies. This diaper bag allows you the luxury of carrying in multiple ways. You can use the top handle, the messenger strap that goes around the shoulder and backpack straps which leave your hands free for other activities.

The memory foam used for the inner straps are textured to prevent the straps from slipping off while in use. This versatility will make your mommy duties easier.



2. Ample Storage Space

The Jujube diaper bag is designed with a variety of pockets and storage compartments for your convenience. Make use of the front pocket zippered compartment to store your cell phone, car keys, wallet, lip balm and other vital small sized items. This eliminates the need to go through the entire pile of diapers and wipes in search of a tiny item.


The back pocket is designed with crumb drains hence clean. It is ideal for the storage of your child’s books and has a cushy comfortable changing pad. The inside of the bag is designed with adequate storage; 4 gusseted pockets, 3 zippered pockets and a lot of interior wide open space. Use the main zippered pocket to store diapers, extra baby clothes, wipes, toys and many other items. On either side of the bag are pockets for bottle storage and are insulated to keep the contents cold or hot.



3. Innovative Design

The sleek design of this bag screams modernity and style. The main herringbone pattern is attractive for the eyes and is further highlighted with a silver lining which blends in well with the black and white. This superior diaper bag is designed with luggage feet at the bottom meant to keep the bottom surface of the bag clean.



4. Easy to Clean

The lining of the interior of this bag is lined with Agion natural antimicrobial treatment. This effectively inhibits and controls the development of odor which causes bacteria, mild dew, and mold.

The exterior of the bag is further treated with Teflon fabric protector which repels stains hence easy to maintain cleanliness. The entire bag is machine washable and should be air dried.


The fact that the Ju-Ju-Be Diaper Bag The Queen of the Nile Diaper Bag effectively performs its basic duties of accommodating a variety of the babys’ as well as your stuff makes it a worthy purchase. The added features are simply an added bonus meant to make your mommy duties easy and convenient. This way you are able to focus on other things, say, having fun with your baby.


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