Lansinoh Breast Feeding Starter Set Review

Every new mother wants what is best for her and the baby, so finding a reliable breastfeeding set is always a priority. The Lansinoh Breast Feeding Starter Set is an excellent choice for starting and continuing breastfeeding in such a way that the mother feels as comfortable as possible, while also easing the feeding for the baby.

This breastfeeding set is manufactured by Lansinoh, a company which specializes in providing new moms with everything they may need, their products are often among those recommended by Lactation consultants, and their breastfeeding starter set is also highly regarded.



The Lansinoh Breast Feeding Starter Set includes 24 disposable nursing pads, as well as 1 tube of HPA Lanolin nipple cream, both of which are Lansinoh #1 best-selling products recommended to mothers by experts in the field. The set also includes 2 packs of hot/cold breast therapy Therapear 3-in-1 and 1 latch assist, available in two sizes, designed to aid in drawing out inverted or flat nipples in a gentle way. The price of this starter set is set at around $20 on Amazon, making it a more affordable option than other competitive products with a similar function, as it offers a lower price with more items included.

The set is especially practical due to the various items that come included, all of which prove beneficial to you in a certain way. The Lansinoh disposable pads have an advantage compared to competitive brands in the form of a middle crease which makes them possible to use with nursing bras, as they always fold down with the bra, while their adhesive and absorbing quality makes breastfeeding easier.

The hot/cold 3-in-1 packs are stated to bring necessary relief and ease pain and discomfort, while the nipple cream is quite soothing. The latch assist successfully draws out and shapes the nipple, as well as start the breast milk flow, which eases the breastfeeding process for both the mother and the baby and makes it quicker and more efficient.



The biggest issue with the Lansinoh Breast Feeding Starter Set is the size of the nipple cream tube, which is stated to be too small for the mothers to decide whether it completely works for them or not. However, the new mothers who have tried this breastfeeding kit also state that the smaller size of the nipple cream tube makes it a perfect product to be carried around in a purse or diaper bag, so its size is somewhat practical.


The heat packs may sometimes need to be re-heated more often for optimal warmth, while some consumers may feel the disposable pads are not as soft as they should be, but these issues can be overcome through adjustments which bring the desired level of comfort. The pros of this product overcome the cons, making the breastfeeding starter set by Lansinoh a practical choice for new mothers.


In conclusion, the Lansinoh Breast Feeding Starter Set is a reliable, efficient, cost-effective option, one which offers an array of useful products. Although some consumers may find fault in certain aspects of these items, overall, the products included in this starter set offer comfort and relief for an agreeable breastfeeding experience.

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