Safe Travelling Tips For A Nursing Mom

For this, I want to assure all men and women out there who have never tried breast feeding that it is one of those wonderful natural things any woman should pray to have a chance to do. Even though it is emotional and very challenging sometimes, breast feeding to me is the source of love from a mother to its baby.

Missing breast feeding with travelling whether business, vacation or for another purpose be a daunting task for any woman. That is why am going to give you some traveling tips that will take the weight off your shoulder as a breast feeding mother who is to travel.



Understand Where To When You Need To Breast Feed

Thanks to states like Illinois that legalized and decided that their airports should have “breast feeding rooms”. If this is your first time to travel when you are breast feeding mother in other places, this luxury may not be there. You will need to understand where you are going to have a place to start breast feed. There are some people who are not comfortable watching a woman breast feed her baby and this includes woman as well

You have to know that if you are going to fly, as you wait for the flight, all of sudden the baby might want to breast feed as it will start crying often. Removing your breast and starting to breast feed in public will not be good idea. It is better to find a place that is silent where it will be comfortable to remove your bra for proper breast feeding as this will not irritate alot of people. Remember breast feeding in public to many is weird so please take caution and understand that



Do Your Planning Ahead

This involves packing in relation to where you are where you are going. Remember the baby will need to change diapers and clothes themselves if you happen to know and plan according to the duration of your journey, this will be of much importance. Knowing for how long your journey will be is of much importance for this will help you to breast feed your baby to help you avoid breast feeding in public. This also involves packing the right milk amounts in case you may need any on your journey.



Preparing To Pump

If you have never pumped before, that’s fine. If it is something that you do not do often, then that is fine as well However, it is important to rent a pump and definitely make sure that get you get to learn on how to use it before setting off for your travelling. If it is possible, you can seek advice from your health doctor or a lactation specialist on how to maintain your milk supply when travelling. This involves deciding whether you will travel with preserved milk or disposing it off.

However, whatever choice to decide to take, understand that they are both not easy as they both have pros and cons but what is “right” is right for you If you decide to go with the option of expressed milk by air, you will need to understand well the security rules and regulations on airports. Get to know that mothers who have travelled with their pumped milk without their babies have been stopped and they’ve had their milk thrown away.



What To Pack For Nursing Mothers

Among the many things that you will be required to pack as a breast feeding mother, follow this guideline for it will help you so much to avoid confusion, loosing property, and it will give you a good sense of understanding yourself with the baby while on route.

The Equipments you may consider involve; pumps, adapters, fresh batteries, and a manual pump.

The supplies You May Need Involve; storing bags, a soft cooler, cleaning fluids and wipes as well as some extra clothes for your baby.

Extra as they may apply include; pads, water bottle nursing ointments among others. The above mentioned are the basics that you will need. However you understand yourself better as a nursing mother feel free to add some as you may wish depending on your journey and how you see fit.

Unless there are unavoidable circumstances, most nursing or breast feeding mothers will not even think about travelling during this time until when their children are past the breast feeding age. This is something that I would advise and recommend to all mothers out there in order to avoid unnecessary confusions and embarrassments.


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